Swarish Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Storage Holder Chef Rack Strip Utensil Kitchen Tool

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When storing your kitchen knives on a magnetic knife rack there is a chance that they may get damaged. On the other hand, by accurately placing them and removing them from the rack the chance of damage is moderately small. I wouldn’t say that magnetic knives are bad for knives and the pros of using this space saving knife storage definitely outweighs the cons as far as I’m concerned. To check out and reduce the chance of your best kitchen knife becoming damaged at the same time as using the knife rack make sure you fairly twist and pull the knife so that the sharp edge leaves the magnetic strip first. The knife should come away very easily and the chances of the knife becoming damaged are very slim. When you wish to have to store you knife gently place the spine side of the knife against the magnetic strip until it pulls the knife and makes a satisfying click. If you follow these simple steps your kitchen knives should not get damaged. Damage to knives will only happen when the blade is constantly hitting the magnetic strip of the knife rack and the knives are being pulled and removed with force. If you take a gentle approach to removing and storing your knives you should not have any problems at all. Feature: 1.Perfect for small kitchens. 2.Helps to offer protection to knife edges from dulling. 3.Reduces the risk of rust and corrosion. 4.Great way to sing their own praises your best kitchen knives. 5.Hygienic knife storage.

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