Turmeric Curcumin

We think that the positive effects come from possible anti fungal or anti bacteria effects that curcumin was proven to have. Curcumin is also an anti inflammatory as well as the advantage we see with these kids may possibly come from that as well. Evidence can be increasing that curcumin can also raise glutathione levels in addition. The problem becomes phenol susceptibility and a number of children can respond very negatively to phenols. Phenols are chemicals which are found in many various kinds of foods, they’re especially found in artificial colours and flavors. Some kids become hyperactive, others get irritated and through excited and for that reason even nutritional supplements with phenols needs to be removed.

Just in case you’ve started a nutritional supplement like Enhansa or another turmeric nutritional supplement with curcumin and you see immediate responses like hyperactivity or irritability or over stimulus, you may be seeing a phenol reaction. You need to not immediately assume that it’s from yeast die off as a result of the anti fungal properties of the nutritional supplement. There is nothing wrong with these nutritional supplements, but for children with phenol susceptibility, their bodies only might be not able to process the phenols in the nutritional supplements. No Phenol is a merchandise from Houston Enzymes that helps in the breakdown of phenols.

Some children using No Phenol however have to avoid foods with phenols or perhaps things with high phenols, others do quite well with the enzyme thus you’ve to experiment only a little with your child. So for some kids, the inclusion of No Phenol along with products like Enhansa or other turmeric products allows them to endure it very well. Autism really is treatable. Biomedical Autism therapies and treatments have led to many, many kids improving, or even losing their autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

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